Every serious on-line marketer knows about the legendary Ronnie Montano. He is the man behind many on-line money making programs. Though some people regard this guy as a scam artist, he defends himself claiming that these are people who are jealous of his success.

His products include

1. Easy cash code

This system allows you to make money on-line through creating squeeze pages which are just simple web pages.

2. Tube cash code

This system teaches the buyer how tom make money through video sharing websites such as you tube. There are many video sharing websites in the market today, it may be a good chance to make money on-line.

3.Commission cash code

This product claims to help you harness the popularity of Face book to make some cash.

4. Mobile cash code.

This program uses the growing popularity of smart phones to market your on-line business. It is the latest Ronnie Montana product in the market. It is said to have over 50 free mobile websites and all the tool necessary to undertake a profitable mobile marketing venture.

5. My binary recoded

This system promises you instant profits immediately after you start using it. It is a training program which claims to teach how to make extraordinary amounts of money.

Though there are doubts about the effectiveness of the programs ,in business, nothing comes for Free. There is no free lunch, you will have hard on every program. All Ronnie Montano does is guide you throughout the way. They are also not free, they come at a price which is cheap compared to the expected returns. Roman Montano’s products are surrounded by much controversy. Many claim that his products are real, while others swear to God that he is a con artist. These are the ones who describe him as the man behind the largest on-line scams in the 21st century while the others refer to him as the Internet marketing genius.