Jean-Paul Gut is an international developer famously known for his hard work, focus and determination in marketing and the developments of the EADS. Paul Gut founded Coolmore International consulting company in 2007 and it has highly played a major role in the current society bringing a lot of changes to the international community. As an executive director, he has been working round the clock to bring changes and perfect developments in the marketing and consultancy sector.

Jean Paul Gut has a highly tractable education background. He is a successful student of the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris where he finally managed to graduate with a professional Master’s Degree in Economy. He acquired such a great degree because of his constant focus, determination and the urge to embrace education and at the same time get informed, educated and knowledgeable enough to change the current society. His career can never go unmentioned. He started developing his career way back in 1983 as the Vice president for Matra Defense which is part of the famous Matra Group. Due to his handwork, he became an Export Marketing as well as Sales Executive Director in 1988 and in 1990 managed to serve as the Executive Vice President in the International Operations for the company.

In 1993, Gut managed to scale higher to the Senior Executive Vice post taking charge of all the internationals operations from the well known Lagardère Group. He managed to continue well to the position of Senior Executive for Matra Dynamics in 1996. His passion and zeal to work diligently saw him join the Board of Management in Lagardère Group the year 1998. He soon became the managing director taking charge of all International Operations. His career can be attributed to great excellence and better step-by-step scaling to higher ranks. He is a smart individual who is always dedicated to bring change in the way we live and to better the world.