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Some of the small business which you can easily start in low investment is given below in no particular order.

Recruitment business is the best option where you can provide recruitment services to the business firms. You must gather good profiles of the interested candidates and refer them to the suitable opening in your client company and make money out of it.

In top metro cities now party culture is on the peak. If you belong to a metro city, then you can offer party planning business where you must plan and arrange the party service.

The next business option is providing Social Media Services. Large companies have their own social media specialist where the small companies have limitations in hiring a separate person for handling their social media websites on full-time. You can offer social media services to the small companies. You can start your own company to do postings on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and few others.

If you have space and the equipment for video conferencing and board room facilities then you can offer this service to many small firms which lack this facility. You can create money in offering this service.

You can make more money in offering Dietary consultancy services since a lot of people are suffering obesity and other health issues. They require guidance on eating habit and diet chart. If you are a good dietician then you can start dietary consultancy services.

Purchasing a car is the dream of most of the people. But due to the limitation of money, many people could not afford it. If you have enough money, you can buy used car and work on commission basis. People prefer used car.

You can establish a driving school business because now the number of people learning driving is increased. You just want to invest money in buying few cars. If you know driving then you can teach the customers or appoint a driver to teach them.

The next business option is offering Car parking service. In recent days the business premises are more congested and lack space for parking. If you have space for parking facility near business area then you can start parking services for two-wheelers and cars.

If you are very good dance personality then you can start a dance school. Most of the parents are searching for a good dance school for their children. In city side, many women are working and find it difficult to handle their children. You can start a baby care business and definitely earn good revenue.