Despite how hard you try, it gets tougher to get on top of the Google Search engine. Over a period of time businesses discovers that most of the time and effort is put to bring your company on the first page of the Google ranking. In this quest, businesses fail to focus on their core business. The best solution would be to hand over the task to a reputed SEO Canada service provider to achieve realistic rankings. The choice is abundant with more and more SEO service providers plunging into the fray. will help you set focus on the right SEO company. Yet, customers have to be careful while making a choice.

There are scam SEO companies but doing some research can get you to the right SEO companies. Some of the factors to consider are listed for the benefit of the customers.

· No one can guarantee number one ranking on search engines. If a service provider says so, stay away from them. It is next to impossible to guarantee a rank.
· Get a reference from friends, family and associates. Word of mouth is the best way to understand the credibility of any service provider and SEO industry is no exception.
· Check with online resources, to verify the authenticity of the company. Online forums is a platform that discusses various issues and finding a good recommendation here is always possible
· Use the search engine to identify the scamsters in the field. The web is loaded with relevant information that you could always use
· Get information on their previous and current websites optimized by them. If the customers are happy with their performance, then go for the deal. Some SEO companies do not offer the information claiming confidentiality. Beware of such companies
· Verify the PR ranking of the SEO company’s website. If there are able to get over 4, then it is a good ranking, you can trust your company with them
· Some services offer automated submissions, this can lead to a ban by the search engines, so be extra cautious
· Be an educated customer and learn about black hat SEO tricks. This can help you judge if the services are using such tricks
· SEO cannot do without backlinks. Find out where they collect the backlinks. In case it is from link farm it could lead to more trouble than good. The links have to be collected from reputed websites.
· Do not fall for a cheap price. Some SEO companies offer their services for less. But in reality, you tend to lose more than gaining. So if a company offers services at the lowest price it should ring a bell.
· Charging a big price normally does not lead to good quality. In the quest of getting the best some businesses pay more and end up with nothing. Paying more will not give you better quality. Sometimes inefficient functioning of the company and wasting of resources could be the cause for high cost
· SEO is an ongoing process, meaning it is not a one-time effort. The company has to take care of post-optimization process and this helps to sustain the ranking. Some SEOs also maintain a PPC campaign to optimize the position of their customers.

Following these simple tips can help you identify the best SEO service provider.